WICKEDheat Performance Technology


UV ShieldUV SHIELD One of the most important features a fishing shirt can have is sun protection. What does this exactly mean and isn't all clothing protecting you from the sun essentially, without needing special fabric? The answer is not exactly. All clothing can disrupt UV radiation somewhat but not all clothing can offer you maximum sun protection and that’s why it’s important to wear UPF rated clothing when spending extended periods of time outdoors. The sun’s UV radiation can lead to sunburn, accelerated skin aging and skin cancer so we can’t stress enough the importance of wearing sun protection clothing when outdoors, especially when fishing on the water.

Our WICKEDheat® Performance fabrics are UPF 50+ certified rated. UPF stands for “Ultraviolet Protection Factor” and the number 50 is the rating of how much UV protection you're receiving from our WHP fishing shirts. In UPF rated garments in general, that number can be between 15 (good) to 50 (excellent).

The way UPF clothing works is when the UV rays come into contact with the fabric a reaction occurs which causes the UV radiation to turn into heat, rendering most rays harmless. A lot of variables play a role on determining how much UV radiation can penetrate your clothing's fabric; construction, dyes, treatment, fiber type, stretch and wetness all play a part. For a complete breakdown of UPF technology visit our “What is UPF” section on our site by clicking here.


Wicking TechWICKING TECH Moisture wicking fabrics help repel or disperse moisture from your skin. With traditional cotton fishing shirts, if you sweat or get wet that moisture will stay trapped within your clothing’s fabric because cotton soaks up moisture. This can become irritable and uncomfortable when fishing with a soggy shirt or boating from one fishing spot to the next with the wind blowing against your soaked clothing. A wet shirt also feels heavy and can feel cumbersome and constricting when maneuvering around fishing situations all day such as throwing out the anchor and retrieving it, throwing the cast net and of course casting your bait or lures throughout day.

How our moisture wicking fabric works is it helps bring the moisture from your skin to the surface of of the fabric so it can then be evaporated away by the sun or wind. The moisture is not able to soak into our fabric because it’s 100% polyester allowing the moisture to pass through the fabric to the surface allowing it to dry extremely fast when compared to a cotton fishing shirt.


LightWtLIGHTWT Our fabric is made from 100% light weight polyester and one, of many, key benefits we gained by using a polyester fabric is it’s lightweight capabilities. When wearing our WHP fishing shirts you’ll barely notice you're wearing a shirt. We know how important it is to feel comfortable and light in hot conditions and having a feather light shirt on makes a world of difference.


X-MicrobialX-MICROBIAL Capable of destroying or inhibiting the growth of disease-causing microorganisms and bacteria. Our WHP fishing shirt’s antimicrobial fabrics are fiber-based substrates to which antimicrobial agents have been applied at the surface and incorporated into the fibers, rendering a product that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria that can be transferred onto your shirt from fish, blood and guts that most anglers come into contact with on a typical day of fishing.